Unique handmade cloth diapers as a simple and eco-friendly option for your baby’s everyday diapering essentials because… poop happens.

Thank you for exploring my shop! I’m Angela, the sole designer and seamstress of The Albino Squirrel. Since 2014, I have enjoyed countless hours of fabricating various marvels in my sewing room here in Warner Robins, Georgia. My shop’s name came about because “Squirrel” was lovingly nicknamed to me at my previous graphic design job because, well, I just like squirrels. The “Albino” part was later added when I became pregnant with my first child, Erik. At just before 8 weeks of my pregnancy it was discovered I had a small spot of melanoma skin cancer. I was terrified. It was absolutely because of all the hours I had spent carelessly outside without sunscreen protection. Fortunately, the cancer was caught early and completely removed. From then on, no tanning for me; white became the new tan. I joked with my friends that I was now an albino squirrel, and I eventually incorporated it into my shop’s name.

In my shop I make creative baby essentials like diaper covers and pocket diapers. As a graphic designer who also is a mother of two children, my sewing became my creative outlet and a way for me to be more resourceful. I realized that creating diapers that are super durable and easy to clean and care for can save me lots of money and allow me to feel less guilty about filling the land fills with so much...well, you know… Oh, did I mention that my diapers are environmentally friendly? They meet CPSC requirements. 

The standard turnaround time for me to create, package, and ship your order is about 2 weeks. However, if you need something by a certain date or need it in a hurry, feel free to ask me before placing an order to be sure I can accommodate your request. I’d love to help!

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